Webatu's Cricket Match Latest Scores Updates

Last 2 overs of Bangladesh inning in the match are given here from circbuzz page. 19.6 Perera to Rahim, 2 runs, moves away, gives his arms the room and slices it over point. Cleaned up, not before they scramble back for the second. So 193 it will be 19.5 All the updates for cricket matches on crictime's cricfree page. Perera to Rahim, FOUR, oh cheeky. And it's that cheek that helps him get Bangladesh to their highest ever T20I score - past that 190 mark. It's predictably the yorker, Mushy lines himself up and ramps, through the vacant cordon 19.4 Perera to A Haque, 1 run, typically swinging in on middle. Whipped to a cleaning up long-on Ariful Haque, right handed bat, comes to the crease 19.3 Perera to Sabbir Rahman, out Bowled!! Bang on the money. He's throwing up yorkers for fun out here is Perera. Sabbir tries lapping it down, and in the process loses measure of his stumps. And the bat wasn't stretching out enough either. The result - the